From the lodge……..

I delayed this Blog as long as I could. I try to always be a positive person but sometimes it becomes impossible. Just to warn you, I am mad; no, I am damn mad!

Politics have fascinated me since, at the age of ten, I delivered reminder slips to the registered voters in our precinct to make sure they remembered to vote. I grew up believing the two party system was the best governing system we could ever have because my mother instilled a respect and appreciation of our country and all the opportunities that it offered in me.

I am not ready to give up on our system of government. However, I am most concerned that our Republican party has seriously sold their soul by hitching their future on the Tea Party. I don’t believe true Republicans have become so cynical, so uncaring about children, senior citizens, and their fellow Americans who are struggling just to put food on the table.

I ask each elected official to look in their mirror and ask: “Is this what I was elected for?” “Is this what I was sent to Washington to do?” “Am I serving the poor and needy or just the wealthy?” “Are just the wealthy paying my salary, providing me and my family with the best health care?” The answer is NO, the poor guys who pick up your garbage, who pick you up at the airport, who are teaching your children and nursing you or your family members back to health – they are the ones who provide most of your benefits. Darn little is paid by the oil companies or the millionaires or billionaires.

Certainly the last thing I would want to happen in our country is to see the ordinary hard working men and women rise up and resort to rioting in the streets, but desperate people take desperate measures when they see their children hungry, and see no chance of finding work to provide for their family.

Our President has offered numerous plans; the recent deficit plan, the Jobs Program and on and on. But what stands in the way? Senator Mitch McConnell put the answer out at the beginning of this legislative year: he will spend all his effort this year to make sure President Obama is a one term President. Here is the direct quote: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

So THIS is what you and I will help pay his big buck salary for this year. The word is out, we will do nothing that gives President Obama any credit or one vote. And I am afraid the following is part of the agenda for some: “Get the black guy out of the white house.”

There has always been a group of voters that I want to acknowledge, the Independent voters. They may even hold their vote with more reverence because it is not based on how daddy or grand-pappy voted – it is based on who they think is the best person for the country, party lines aside. But, unlike the Tea Party, a true Independent is not mean spirited or disrespectful about either party’s candidate. We should welcome the thoughtfulness of the Independent voter.

There have been splinter groups formed throughout the history of our country. For the most part they have been very one-dimensional. They were, perhaps, effective until clear thinking people uncovered their true agenda, which was almost always obstructionist, and then they became history. I have no respect for mobs who gather waving or wearing guns or shouting profanities. A gun does not make you a big man, waving a flag does not make you a patriot or waving a bible in the air does not make you a Christian. The good we do for our fellow man speaks loud and clear of who we are. The Tea Party have become this generation’s obstructionists. I only hope sensible, clear thinking Republicans will not fall in their trap and drink their Kool Aid.

Meanwhile, in at least two elections, Tea Party candidates are running against Republicans and there will be more. This is just a little suggestion from a loyal Democrat and one who does not want to see the Republican Party disappear or be replaced. Be aware of what you ask for, it might be your party’s Kiss of Death.


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