From the Lodge……….

This morning, very early, I decided to sit on the porch where the creek runs by our building. I was so aware that Spring had finally arrived in all its splendor and glory.

The trees are once again full of new leaves, the bushes resplendent in their many and varied colors. As I sat there, a momma mallard and ten little mallards came down the creek. There has been a dry spell and only small puddles of water dot the otherwise dry creek bed, but the ducklings were finding small puddles to jump in and ruffle their feathers as they continued downstream.

Just as they passed by, a momma bunny rabbit came out of some foliage with four brand new baby bunnies following her. She traveled up a small incline and three of the babies followed. The fourth bunny hesitated a moment and then decided to take on the small hill. He gave it a good try but only made it half way when he tumbled head over feet back to the bottom of the hill. As momma and siblings watched, he gave it another try and he made it . Now, again united as a family, they hopped away.

Yes, truly Spring is back, and once more brings us rebirth, a fresh start to the four seasons; a new beginning. As I absorbed nature’s emerging, I was reminded that the seasons are not unlike the seasons of life.

The Spring is the beginning. We emerge and, in short time, begin the task of crawling, turning over, standing and finally walking — not without some bumps on the noggin and flops on the bottom. Baby days fly by, school days are next, and shortly thereafter, some little boy pulls your curls or braid, teases you and then walks you home. Then, high school days are almost over and decisions about the future loom large on the horizon. For some it will be college, some the job market, some marriage and some a blank page while pondering what the next move shall be.

As Spring moves into Summer many plans are working fine, some have been recalculated and some completely changed. But time moves on. Families grow as children are born. Family members pass away and we learn the agony of losing loved ones, usually grandparents, but we learn to cherish the memories of the special love they gave us.

Then Fall is closing in on us and our Spring has faded in the background. Grandchildren arrive, your hair is getting gray and even your children show a few signs of aging. The newspaper takes on a new meaning as the front page remains a first priority, but the obituaries come next and then the sports page rounds out the news — at least for this octogenarian. The front page gives me a hint as to what local and world news I should not miss, I check the obits for familiar names (including my own!) and the sports page tells me what my beloved Cubs are doing.

Winter is the last season in the quad and in most cases, is marked by the last of life’s efforts. Things do change — your stamina is not as vibrant, you need assistance walking, rising from a sitting position takes more grunt, duties that used to be simple you now need to allow more time to accomplish.

It is a full circle. As a baby you needed help to stand, help to walk, help to do simple mundane things as you started life’s journey. Now, in Winter, each of those tasks again takes some help to accomplish. But we must remember that as this stark stage is set, it is the white snows of Winter that purify the earth and prepare us for Spring’s reemergence.

I am now 87, reaching for ninety much too fast. Sometimes my kids wonder if I am lonesome, but how could I be? In my Winter I have 87 years of wonderful memories that I can reach back into, pull out and enjoy living all over again.

If I make it to 100, maybe I will invent a fifth season.

I’ll drink to that!!!!


4 thoughts on “Seasoned

  1. Aunt June , I follow all of your blogs. I have never commented before, but I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed each and everyone. I hope I can maintain the positive attitude you have kept all your life and continue to do so even now when I know it is a little harder to do so. Keep on reinventing yourself — It says a lot about whon you are. Love you!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I do appreciate it, for words written and not read are like rainbows not acknowledged and left to fade into the horizon.

  3. Germaine, thank you for following my blog and acknowledging it. Your reply makes it more special because it comes from one of my kids. Being a positive minded person has been so easy because the opposite is such a drain and waste of time. I’ll keep writing, you keep reading. Love you, Aunt June.

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