Turn That Frown Upside Down!

From the the lodge………Yes the Lodge is still here and so am I, the Raving Pundit. I have returned from the haunts of feeling sorry for myself, which I seldom do; however in these recent months I have encountered a few more things that I have found that I can no longer do.

OK, so I am 87 but I tell myself that is no excuse. Maybe at this point in this blog youngsters in their fifties or sixties may think this has nothing to do with them. Yes, I know just how you feel. In my fifties and into my sixties I did some of my most demanding and successful work and did it very well. Then came the seventies and then the eighties and now pushing ninety and the list of things I cannot do is much longer then the things I can do.

I am going to list some things you might want to think about and give serious thought to understanding. It can happen to you, but it doesn’t have to if you follow some simple advice.

Do not stop walking. I don’t mean miles a day, or even a few blocks a day, just as many steps or distance as you feel like. Just walk!

Weight: if you have a few or lot of extra pounds on your body give serious thought to beginning to lose them now. If you don’t lose extra weight before you hit your sixties you can almost be assured you will not lose weight as you get older.

We all want to be independent, Our independence is so important – it is the one thing we all try to hold onto. But the time will probably come when you may have to admit you cannot do for your self any longer and a retirement home is the next place you will need to consider. This was the one change I never wanted to make but make it I did and it probably is why I will probably make it to ninety and with a bit of luck to 100.

The Lodge has given me a great “leg up” on living the easy life. A beautiful building, one or two room apartments, furnished with my “favorite things,” three well prepared meals served to you and not a dish to wash. The list of services provided goes on and on. I wanted to mention this last part for those of you who may be thinking about a mom or dad or even when the time comes for yourself. Do not hesitate to visit some retirement homes in your area – they are not to be dreaded, they are just a change of address and life goes on!

OK, this about does it for now. I feel better for writing this, although I still can’t walk any better and I can’t seem to lose weight, but I have a easy life here at the Lodge, have three wonderful children and great grandkids all who make life worthwhile and getting up each morning a gift. Here’s to Blogging!

Until the next time from the raving pundit.


3 thoughts on “Turn That Frown Upside Down!

  1. Thanks, for your words carry much weight with me. My mom is in wheelchair now. She used to walk on crutches from polio (since 11 yrs. old). She has been depressed because of her loss of mobility. Transfer to toilet & bed now a struggle. She always watches her calories but no weight loss at this point, only maintaining her weight. Your blog is great! My first read from Tara’s facebook feed. Keep it up for us youngsters!!

  2. My Dear June,
    I just love you! You are such an inspiration and mentor to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

    I hope I can remember all of your words and if I live to be 87- I hope I do so with as much grace and insight as you!

    By the way, I do hope you have a very happy Birthday today! Richard and I are lucky to share this special day-June 28th- with you as it is our 42nd anniversary!


  3. You hav always been an inspration to me , ever since my first leadership conference and attending your workshop (ILAC). As you know I too am a polio survivor who has always had to do things different and there are some things I can’t do now that I could do years ago, but I won’t give up just continue to do things differently.


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