Mind Thaw

From the lodge….The weather is not so delightful: however, I am here to at least experience it. It has been a record-breaking winter for much of the country. We have not had it as bad, in Louisville, as many parts of the country. Something I have noticed is this rough weather has the effect of keeping most everyone and everything captive. In my case I feel like it has held me captive, in mind, in action, in creativity and in downright usefulness. I must say though, I have had a lot of down time to fall asleep in my chair for countless naps. I also decided enough is enough!!!

The world keeps right on spinning, the politicians don’t think they can accomplish much during such a short session, the local school system is in a state of “Who is in charge?” or who should be in charge, Egypt wants a real democracy, and we all should start treating each other with more respect. Well let’s look at each of those ideas.

1. Politicians, locally: it seems Mayor Fischer has the right idea about inclusiveness. He wants and promises fair representation for the entire county in the decision-making processes for Jefferson County. Our Frankfort politicians seem to think time is all they need to solve their problems. If the session is too short to accomplish anything, then why to we pay them to drive to Frankfort every day?

And on to Washington. Where do I start…the economy is rising faster than bread in the bread machine, the Dow is over 12,000 for the first time in a long time, people are beginning to make big-ticket purchases again, overall investing is not a dirty word as investors jump back in the market. Sales to our foreign markets are on the uptick, the economy and jobs will improve as our US companies and manufacturers began to hire additional workers as their products increase in sales. The financial outlook is all systems go. President Obama, you did good. You have brought us through a very negative downturn, and without your actions it would have been much worse.

Now, on the other hand, your opposition has decided they may not concentrate on the job we elected them to because they are going to concentrate on getting rid of you. How sad we have to tolerate such mindless jackasses. A word of wise to them: “Don’t kick that idea too high — you may kick yourselves in the head”. The same group will also try to scuttle the health legislation. You don’t want the citizens of our country to have good health care? Why should you? You have the best care available and the have-nots are the ones paying for your insurance.

What were those words we heard so recently? Let us be kinder in our comments to each other, more respectful in our dialogue, more gracious in our governing. Yeah, let’s do that! Also, we have done a pretty darn good job developing a wonderful country that continues to beckon many around the world that want to come to our shores. Our two-party system developed this wonderful country of freedoms. We don’t need to mess it up with a menagerie of “tea drinkers”.

2. Our school system has made the news far too often in recent months. It mostly started with some small children being misplaced on the bus ride home. This is a horrible scare for parents of a lost child. It should not have happened. Everyone admits that. However, since that opening day of school for 96,000 students all has operated smoothly. The gist of this is a few parents want to scrap the entire transportation plan that is in effect to bring diversity to our schools.

The school board did not renew the superintendent’s contract and now another nationwide search will be started to hire a new superintendent. I have some advice for the interviewers– don’t paint a rosy picture; be honest and tell the candidates what they will be facing when they take the challenge. We have a number of pie makers in the kitchen, all trying to make the pie, which equates to, too many cooks in the kitchen. Stirring with one spoon is a handful of disgruntled parents, the second spoon is held by the Teachers Union leadership and a third by a lawyer who is only interested in the money he makes representing the parents with the first spoon. With all those pie makers in one bowl with very little interest in the bottom line, the students in the classroom, how in the hell can a decent pie come out of that?

Sorry about a bit of anger but understand, I spent almost my whole life’s interest, 64 years, in our school system as an employee or volunteer and I don’t take kindly to having it messed with by inane individuals who only understand the word “me” and are yet to understand the word ‘”we”. Diversity in our Jefferson County Schools came about with our Desegregation Plan in the
seventies. It is not only a social plan–it is a panorama shot of our world as it is and should be.

3. And now to Egypt. This is Egypt’s fight for a better form of democracy for their people. They have struggled for some years to reach this point of their fight for independence from dictatorial powers. They for the most part are freedom loving people and deserve to be freed of the chains that have controlled them. I don’t believe the present government can put this genie back in the bottle. Let us hope the good people of Egypt will stand strong and reap the benefits of a true democracy.

So for now dear readers, may spring be just around the corner. It feels good to thaw my frozen brain. Opinions are meant to be shared, while not always brilliant, but always honest and always open for debate.


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