Inspiration has been slow in coming but it is time to put pen to paper and welcome in the New Year.

Today is the first day of 2011! What will this new year have in store for each of us? What ever it might be, will we be prepared to receive it?

For quite some years I have come to believe that our life agenda has been in place and it is left to each one of us to face the challenges and opportunities that will, in turn, deliver to us the life we have. The changing of the number on the calendar from year to year is there to tell us to stop and review our ledger for the past twelve months. How did we handle the opportunities that came our way? How did we handle the adversities ? When negative events happened to us, did we look for someone else to blame or did we take some ownership in the results? A case in point follows:

I gained twelve pounds this past year when I should have lost twenty. It was easy to blame the menus that were presented each day in our dinning room; however healthier alternates were available for the asking – which negated my blaming the menu, the cook or the server. Guess who was left to blame! This little old white haired grandmother.

However, some time back an apartment became available on the ground floor and I decided to move from a larger space on the second to the first floor. It has ample room and saves me $8400 a year. In this case the opportunity presented itself and I took advantage of it.

I know we can’t rationalize ever thing we do throughout the year but we can come pretty darn close. I would just encourage each of us to take better charge of our own destiny. Think about the following:

1. When you are happy, share your joy with someone special.
2. When you are sad, seek comfort from someone special.
3. Without a special reason, sit across from your love partner, look into their eyes and tell them you love them.
4. If you are lucky enough to have family members still among the living, keep in touch. Don’t wait until they are just an asterisk in a family discussion.
5. Let friends know they are special in your life.
6. Be your own best friend and never sell yourself short or think you are more than you are.

……..and now on to my evaluation of 2010…….

Politically it was a bummer for my party. It was waiting to happen. Every so many years we have to be reminded the affairs of our great country were meant to be shared by both parties – I believe in our two party system. But this emerging of the Tea Party is a personal affront to all I believe in.

The recession or near depression woke a lot of people up to the fact their lifestyle was out of hand. I believe in aiming high for what you want in life, but to paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, dream your dreams but be sure to build a firm foundation beneath them.

Friends, I lost far too many dear friends in 2010.

Family: except for the usual summer/winter colds we all survived without major problems – only some minor surgeries.

Donna, (1st daughter) broke her leg (not on stage) walking in her craft studio. She still managed to keep track of all my doctor appointments and provided excellent care during a minor bronchitis bout I had.

Rick, (son #1 and only) was my go-to guy for whatever crossed my mind or where I wanted to go. He settled into his new (to him) condo just a short distance from me. He is also a good cook and surprised me on many occasions with something special. He also was and is my kindred spirit for all things pertaining to sports, which is a great part of my every moment.

Tara, (#2 daughter and my baby) provided me year long inspiration and encouragement to write my blogs. She also is the best research talent I know. She never lets me have excuses for not doing things, she is definitely an A1 motivator.

With such great kids I have to stay on my toes to keep somewhere in the game. I might add, my smart daughters married the most wonderful fellows that came down the pike. David and Tim, two super guys!

Well, now you know I am a Democrat, I abhor the Tea Party, I love sports, and I have terrific kids. I think I have laid enough on you for one night. Have a wonderful 2011. Happy New Year!!


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