Attitude Check

From the lodge……………..It has been a while since I have been on the blog train. Good to be back with my friends. A pretty nasty bout of Bronchitis laid me low for several weeks. Just before the broney bout I was ready to write this blog. As I laid low, my state of mind on the subject intensified.

When I was a young child, growing up in the late twenties, and in the thirties, forties and fifties, I believed we lived in one of the most loving, giving, respectful countries in the world. Yes, it took time for civil rights to be recognized by law and by fellow citizens. We are still working on that. In the past, America was always first to help, care and share with our brothers and sisters around the world. To an extent we still try to help in time of disaster and I am proud of that. Sometimes I think we could be humanitarians to our own a little more.

So, why have so many Americans become so hateful, disrespectful, and greedy ?

I am appalled at the disrespect we afford our President and our elected government officials. Calling our President a liar would have bordered on treason back in my day.

I am saddened by the fact that those of us that do not worry about health care can be so uncaring for those who do not have this very basic item that is not a luxury, but something that should be available to all citizens. I am puzzled by the Right to Life activist who bombards us with the rights of the unborn but who I have never heard a peep out of about discarding the elderly by denying them health care they cannot afford. Which one is not a human entity?

I am an avid reader of the daily news and lament the demise of so many fine newspapers in our country, but the news media of all ilks share responsibility for the bad manners of some people and the proliferation of individuals and or groups that spew hatred. The press gravitates to the screaming idiots who have no desire to support and help our country during trying times–the ones whose aim is to protect the haves and the have nots be dammed. Of course they are stellar citizens–they have the props to prove it: they have an American flag in their cap, and the Bible in one hand hoisted high with a gun in the other. My assessment of that picture is that the flag does not make you a good American, the Bible does not make you a good Christian and the gun sure to hell doesn’t make you a patriot.

Our country needs to get back to caring about one another, sharing with each other when there is a need, respecting each other and especially the men and women who try every day to make this a better country for everyone–our elected government officials, our school teachers, policemen, firemen, and all others who give us comfort and care in our time of need. My mother always told us, you are born happy individuals–you have to work at being mean and uncaring.

I will close this blog with this thought. Just recently 371 immigrants from 70 different countries became US Citizens here in Louisville, Kentucky. Most were so overcome they shed tears of joy and hugged each other. They were all so proud. I wonder how long before the bloom will be off the rose and they realize we have so many self-serving people among us. I hope this does not happen, for we need all the kind loving proud citizens we can get right now regardless of where they called home, be it Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Somalia or Mexico.


3 thoughts on “Attitude Check

  1. You would be amazed with how many nurses cannot even afford healthcare because, they are paid more to do without it.
    My favorite though are the prolife activist who will shred a person for making a very personal and hard decision but will not adopt the first unwanted lost child to help create a better solution, because the current system is undermanned and overburdened.
    And boy do I agree with your opinion about the appalling behavior of our citizens toward our President, If I could respectfully put up with the last fella by god can’t they give him a fair shot?

  2. Jennifer, I am honored that you read my blogs. You are right on target, those who are so important to our well being, especially nurses, teachers and all others who give of themselves to make our life better have to fight to survive financially. Health care should never be available based on who can afford it, and the care givers should be adequately compensated, free from worry about their basic finances. They deserve no less. Thanks again, gramma.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts. I agree that we are group of single minded $$$ hungry souls. I think that with the recent recession we are all learning a big lesson. Our reality has changed and hopefully we can all slow down, stop chasing the all powerful $ and breath a bit. When the air hits our lungs hopefully it will fill our hearts with love, so that we can spread it to the next guy. When I get in a bad mood I try my best to be as kind as I can to the checkout lady or the gas station guy.

    I am amazed at how hard the new citizens of country work to get ahead. Hopefully the bloom stays on the rose for them and us all.

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