Time passes and takes no prisoners

From the lodge…It has been a while but I am trying to get used to my new Apple computer. My three wonderful children and spouses, Donna & Dave, Rick and Tara and Tim gave me this wonderful machine which I am still trying to navigate.

A lot of changes have taken place since last I blogged. Our managers were removed and we have new managers and assistant managers. Our new managers, Bill and Pam and assistant managers Dan and Kathy are so nice and caring. It has been a great change for Oxmoor. The atmosphere is so much better with the new staff and everyone seems to be more relaxed and happy. Also, I moved from the second floor to a first floor studio apartment. I love my new digs. I am much closer to the laundry, the lobby and the dinning room. My outside patio is surrounded by trees and in shade all day.

Time marches on. I can hardly believe I have been here almost a year and, as is expected, we have lost several residents and we have gained some new ones. In a retirement lodge where most of the residents are between the seventies and eighties and nineties, and even a few are in the hundreds, changes in our population are a given. Some days the Panic Button rings, signifying someone is in trouble, usually from a fall – which is probably the most common problem we are all afraid of. Often a fall will mean a trip to the hospital and then to rehab. Sometimes a fall is fatal. You adjust to knowing the population, including myself, is only here for a “stop over”. None of us are given a lifetime pass on the merry-go-round. The day will come when the music stops and the horses will quit riding up and down. But we grabbed the brass ring a long time ago.

Although we perhaps did not realize it, we snatched the brass ring almost at birth, only it was called LIFE.

Did we appreciate it or were we always looking for it and wondering why we could never quite grab it? Did we spend our life always looking for but never quite reaching what we thought spelled happiness; not understanding it was in our grasp all the time? If you can look over the horizon and feed on the beauty of a rainbow, the beauty and scent of a rose garden, the smile of a child or the wrinkled hand of an elderly person, then you are still engaged in life and it is good.

I believe we spend the first part of life imagining what the second part will bring us and the balance of time wondering about the last part of life. If we can understand, life can be wonderful – if you do all you can to maintain your health, realize your age and don’t kid yourself by thinking or acting that you are as good as you were ten or twenty years ago. If you use the intelligence God gave you then you will take life a little slower, get more rest and learn to worry about yourself a little more rather than worrying about everyone else. You will see how important it is to be able to rest and to clear the clutter from your mind.

I don’t usually offer words of advice, however, for youngsters, family, friends and new friends reading this, I offer this advice.

Slow down. You are missing more then you realize.
Slow down: but don’t just exist, live!!!

The happy golden years will be there waiting for you. Being one of those very senior citizens I sometimes wish I could express how important piece of mind is to a person’s well being. I know – for I am living it day by day and it is wonderful.


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