From the Lodge….recently a blog I wrote was read by a friend of my daughter, Tara. It was apparent by her comments about the blog that this young lady was in a grieving mode, having just recently lost her mother. I felt a special connection with her, for there is no other grief quite like that of losing your mother.

My mother passed away at age 49, one week before my 17th birthday. I did not fully realize what a hard time my mother had, raising my brother and me as a single parent, until I was much older and hopefully wiser.

Janet, you will understand as time passes, your mother has instilled traits in you that will serve you throughout your life. You may not be aware of them. It may be as simple as how to prepare something from an old family recipe, or maybe how to be kind to a stranger, or sharing a greeting or smile with someone just because it looks like they need to be acknowledged.

It is said that Dads toughen us up, but it’s our Moms who soften the edges and instill our spirit in us.

I also know that some of us lose some of our abilities to live life as we did in previous years. We may lose our hearing, our sight, or our ability to be as physical or to be as mentally alert as we once were. What we must remember is that those issues are all a part of the perfect plan of life and there is no prescription for maintaining perfection.

I believe if we are true to ourselves we honor our parents. My mother instilled an independence in me that to this day serves me well. So much of what we are is what they were . And I understand that a time of grieving is a time of healing. Live with the understanding that you are now the one who must carry on her spirit, her passion, and her love of life. For she is you and you are her. Bless you, my child.


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