A Big Loss of a Big Heart

From the lodge………..Most of my blogs are light and optimistic, however I am grieving the loss of a very dear friend – George Unseld, a co-worker for many years at the Jefferson County School system. He and I both worked in the Dept. of Human Relations. Our offices were never more than a short distance apart. George passed away yesterday, June 9th.

George was one of the dearest persons you would ever have the privilege of knowing. He was a giant of a man, a gentle giant. His life was one filled with his aim to make this a better world each day he lived. Where he saw depression, he brought hope, where he saw sadness he brought joy, where he saw hate and anger he brought understanding and love, where he saw need he worked to fill the void.

George’s greatest gift was his ability to be a friend and mentor to the children of our community. He was very active in the Boys and Girls club. He was the go-to person to set many young persons on the right path of life. They adored him, because he listened to their problems, he offered advice and hoped to show them they could be a success even when their young lives offered very limited hope.

Small children, at first glace, were a bit intimidated by this 6 ft 7 large man that loomed above them, however his beautiful smile and hardy laugh had them clinging to both legs as he tried to make his way through the crowds of youngsters who wanted to be special to Mr. Unseld. All ages loved him, and none more then the adults whose life he graced.

There was and will always be only one George Unseld. Rest sweet prince, for children of all ages will soon surround you to share their love for the one who never met a child he did not love and offer hope to.

My dear friend, we have lost the visual man, but the wisdom you shared with thousands of young people will serve them for their lives, and the love you projected for your fellow man will remain in our hearts forever. I know it will in mine.


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