Spring in the step

Thoughts from The Lodge……….

This morning I opened my drapes and watched as a spring rain was falling on the young blades of grass, much like sweet talcum powder falling gently on a baby’s behind. I could almost hear the grass uttering a welcome sigh.

I have now resided at the Oxmoor Retirement Lodge for six months. Everyone seems more than ready to welcome another Spring. I decided to take note of what effect six months has had on the residents and how I have personally accepted this change in my life.

The most noticeable change is the number of residents who were walking without visible assistance are now using canes, the ones who were cane dependent are now using walkers and some have had to trade walkers for walkers with seats.

I am still a cane walker for which I am very grateful, although my steps are shorter and my pace not as brisk – not unlike how we all started life. We rolled over, then we crawled, trying to stand was next and after taking those first scary steps – after we conquered the walking fear factor – we were off and running, and we settled into that pattern until the first time we realized we needed a little help.Then came the cane. If you think about it, a cane, a walker or any other assistance is just a way for us to keep on moving through life.

The events that happen such as a stroke, a bad fall or other such things that take us out and do not allow us to return home are the hardest to accept, for it is never easy to leave your home and not be able to return.

However, there is no time to waste energy on self pity or wondering “Why Me”. As scared as we were when we took that first step and fell, we cried to get a few hugs and some sympathy and went on to conquer life’s challenges, just as we accept our adversities and challenges today.

Have I accepted this change in my life? You betcha. I have a great support system with two of my children, Donna and Rick just minutes away and my third child, Tara in New York, who keeps my mind stimulated and challenges me to never stop being a contributor with words.

I leave you who are entering your golden years or perhaps already there with this thought: embrace life each day with the same determination to move forward as you did when you took your first step. Be not afraid. Life is good-embrace it! There is so much living yet to experience. Truly, life is good!

If I ever go into battle I want all these canes, walkers and chair seat occupants right there beside me because as I look around the room when we are all together, I see a bunch of fighters, not a quitter in the lot of them!


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