Playing mean, playing nice

I have been uninspired for a while and I refuse to write just to put words on paper without substance. Just in the past ten days two events happened in Louisville that brought me back to the computer.

First a rally sponsored by the the traveling TEA PARTY obstructionists was held in our downtown area. According to the media some 2000 people were in attendance, 2000 angry, misinformed, bigoted individuals slamming our government, our elected officials, our president and anyone else not of their political persuasion. Many of the 2000 were armed, hoisting their rifles in the air. I do not take nor want to take their right to protest away from them. That is not what this blog is suggesting.

I wonder, though, where our civility and respect has gone. Have we become so crude, so disrespectful that we call our president a liar, a senator a baby killer and make other remarks that in most of my years would have been cause for a response other then a political “I apologize”? Is it any wonder why other countries think we are crude, crass, and big bullies without common decency?

However, in contrast, this past Saturday over 7000 men, women and children attended a day long celebration of the coming Kentucky Derby, enjoying a magnificent air show, wonderful food, music and games and a most beautiful fireworks show that took everyone’s breath away. Everyone was happy, not a naysayer in the crowd, all crammed in the waterfront park’s great lawn and on the beautiful banks of the Ohio River. Some of the 7000 came the evening before and camped out. Children playing, adults in a festive mood greeting neighbors and friends from previous Derby celebrations – sharing space, food and conversation. In spite of the fact that 7000 people crowded in this space, there were only forty arrests made and of the forty, thirty-nine attendees had a little too much Kentucky Spirit(s). Number 40 got angry and decided on fisticuffs, but at least he didn’t have a rifle, just a little temper and his fists.

I shall never understand how anyone can live in this great country and not realize how fortunate we are. Every year cannot be a great windfall year. We prosper, we do well, then we have some bleak times. We have a lesson to learn from each advance we make and each failure that occurs. It is never one person’s doing in either direction but we need to remember that together we are a country that can handle the best of times and the worst of times. Being happy brings us HOPE, being angry brings us ULCERS.


One thought on “Playing mean, playing nice

  1. Ah, this is a wonderful read this morning. A wake up call. My take on the whole this is to get involved in your community, try to change the bigotry with the right words and send support to the intelligent polititians. We have a few of them. Russ Feingold in Wisconsin for one.

    And foster some kindness. The small things add up. I HOPE.

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