Happenings from The Lodge

I am moved to write a few words tonight because I cannot seem to find sleep as a consoling companion. Today, Sunday, started out as a very uneventful day, crispy cool, frost on the unsuspecting late blooming flowers at the front door and the weight of a very heavy winter coat around me as I waited for my son, Rick, to pick me up to go to church.

Upon returning to the Lodge, I learned my friend Flo, one of the three ladies I wrote about in a earlier blog, had been taken to the hospital after suffering an episode that brought her family and EMS to the Lodge. If you remember, Flo, I was told, had been in show business. I later learned she was a vocalist and sang with a number of bands. She often would break into song for no one in particular or for no apparent reason except her own pleasure, and, I might add, my pleasure too. Just recently the beautiful lyrics of “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue” came floating up from the lobby and I peered over the railing from the second floor to see Flo sitting on the couch below, oblivious to where her body was, for at that moment (which lasted only a few seconds), Flo was in front of a microphone, the orchestra playing, young lovers dancing before her as she set the scene for romance.

It is doubtful Flo will return to the Lodge for she needs personal care and she will probably go to a nursing facility. I only knew her for 71 days but I know I will remember her. The pretty lady, with the beautiful clothes and a touch and a smile that could melt your heart. I wish for her gentle days ahead, and as the orchestra ends the set with a flourish may she hear the applause for ever long,


2 thoughts on “Happenings from The Lodge

  1. Ms. Key

    I just want to say that I ran accross your blog for the wrong reason at the right time. I am recently going through marital issues and was looking for a place to rent. I came across a charming Condo for sale in downtown Louisville less than 1 block from were I work. Since my situation is not final I can not buy. Long story short, I looked up the owners information and proceeded to try and find them to ask about renting until I was in a position to buy. I found this blog and have been reading it now for the past hour. I felt really ashamed and blessed at the same time. Your stories are touching and heart felt. I will continue to read as I somehow am finding comfort from them in an uncomfortable time in my life.

    Thank you for the unexpected surprise and I apologize for intruding on you for personal reasons.

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