Thoughts From the Lodge

The holidays are rapidly approaching and I am seeing the world from a different location and with a different cast of players. Each artistic presentation has the need for special people and special talents to make the show a success.

The condo on Main Street, my recent residence, presented me with an amazing street scene. I could look out my third floor window and view a panorama of Main Street USA. I would see lots of small children so excited as they made their way to the Science Center, the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory or one of the other Main Street attractions, most always holding the hand of mom or dad. Then there were the grocery cart scavengers collecting all manner of discarded articles to eventually sell to help meet their needs, their hands trying to hold their possessions and not lose them when the cart was stacked high. Then there were the businessmen holding tightly to their brief cases and, perhaps, a dream that their brief cases held the work that would move them up the corporate ladder.

What is the common denominator with this cast of players?

Holding on to be safe, holding on to food or rent, holding on to the future or a dream. Everyone “holding on”. In contrast, or maybe not really, in my present home at the Lodge every one here is holding on. We are safe from street dangers such as traffic, we have a comfortable place to live and more then ample food, and we have relinquished the corporate ladder, but one thing we all have in common, from the street scene to the Lodge, is we still have our dreams, simplistic though they may be.

Perhaps we dream of seeing family during the holidays, dream of a phone call from a friend, maybe a card with well wishes but always for a feel good day. If you know someone who is holding on, be it family, friend or neighbor, give them a call, send a card, however you can communicate to let them know you have them in your thoughts, heart or memory and they are still important to you. It doesn’t take a minute to write or say hello, it sometimes takes a lot longer if you wait until you have to say Goodbye, for the last time.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts From the Lodge

  1. As you know, my Mom lives in a retirement center similar to yours — individual apartments, group meals, etc. I printed out your postings thus far and gave them to her. She has enjoyed sharing them with her friends. I hope your positive spirit flows across the world.

  2. Dear pundit beauty I do not believe for an instant that you got smart with old age. I know for certain that you have been a genius and guiding light since before I was born. May I say I love your blog, I love that you are doing a blog and after reading this entry I get it. I am holding you to stuff and so are the people I care about, the very same people the not a day goes by without me thinking of them and hoping the best for them but all TOO often my card does not make it in the mail or I accidentally mail it to good intention lane on procrastination island. But after reading this I know I can & should do better & thanks to your insight I will do better in letting those I love & that I’m hanging on to know it. Thank you, please keep writing & hanging on

  3. Dear Elaine, Thanks for your response to my blog. I do believe that “hanging On ” is a challenge for all of us regardless of where we are in life’s cycle. The important thing as we travel life’s road is that we find gratification in each step we take. There is nothing wrong with a misstep along the way – how else will we learn how to make corrections in our travels? Keep your positive attitude and good thoughts. Thanks again for your response to my blog. Raving Pundit

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