Hidden Dangers

Well I have been telling you good folks about how peaceful and quiet the lodge is and how non-threatening the occupants are. However, now I have to admit there is some danger that has reared its ugly head. Clear your head of all thoughts and imagine the next picture I am going to paint you.

It is a quiet afternoon, 2:00pm to be precise. You would think all the nice senior ladies would be taking their afternoon naps. Some are on the couches in the lobby. The automatic front door slowly opens and a gentleman enters and moves to the rear of the lobby. I was innocently standing by a bulletin board reading a notice and I felt a gust of wind go by, and another and then I was bumped by a walker being pushed by an equal to Wilma Rudolph, next a cane went flying by and I thought, when did I enter a no-fly zone? They were coming from all directions converging on that one man that had just entered. More frightening – they all had objects, metal keys to be exact, pointed straight ahead.

Then, reality hit me. He was the postman, and he had just put today’s mail in the boxes, all 140 of them. Even if I had been getting a love letter from Sean Connery, I would never have gone to my mail box at that moment. Life is too precious and my mother did not raise a fool. Mail call could not be more hazardous on a battlefield then at a retirement home with walkers, canes and metal keys pointed in the same direction.

Like a coward, I shall wait until dark and quietly go to Box 225 and get my handful of useless junk mail and offers to buy insurance with a 85 year cut off date. You gotta love it! June


2 thoughts on “Hidden Dangers

  1. There really is nothing more exciting than the promise of a real letter. However, I think you are wise to wait for it.

  2. In this digital age, I perch by my email box and wait just as anxiously as the lumbering lodge ladies and lions. A real letter from a real person; now that would be a real treat.

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