The Three Ladies of the Couch

More from the lodge…
I promised observations about the Couch ladies, Sarah, Abby and Flo. All are in their late eighties and are as cute as three bugs in a rug. You can find them nodding off or just plain sleeping in the atrium most any time of the day. The atrium is just a few steps from the main dinning room. Eventually, at some rousing point, they come to life and one by one rise from the couch and reach for their walkers.

Sarah, who is the most in touch with reality leads the other two as they prepare to enter the dining room one after another about three feet apart. After Sarah makes her entrance, next comes Abby. Abby, I have been told used to be in show business. It is apparent because Abby doesn’t just enter the room – she glides in looking from side to side as if she is responding to applause from the crowd. She smiles as if to say, “Thank you darlings” and meanders on toward the table they sit at for each meal. She dresses like a fashion model and in spite of her failing ability to always be in control of her walking, she manages to make it to her chair. I am not sure she really knows where she is but she is happy to be here or so it seems.

And now we come to the third member of the trio, Flo. Flo is about two steps away from her family putting her in a safer place. Dementia has taken over and just the other day, she followed a man to his car and insisted he was her son.. It took several staff members to get her out of his car and into the building. I have seen her standing by the door as if waiting for someone and I have watched her wave goodbye to an imaginary visitor. Recently we were both standing near the front door and Flo was waving goodbye to no one. She turned and smiled and I said, “I bet that was your son.” She lit up with a big smile and said “Oh, you saw him too?” I replied, “Yes , he is a very nice looking fellow.” Well, OK, I joined in her fantasy but it did no harm and sure made her happy. I will hate to see them break up the trio but I am sure Flo’s time here is limited. I will surely miss her.

As I said before, There are downers but there is so much joy, for most everyone looks forward to tomorow and embraces the kindness one shows to another. This is a good place to learn about life and the pleasures to cherish.

Catch up with you folks later from the lodge.. June


5 thoughts on “The Three Ladies of the Couch

  1. hi…i’m a friend of tara’s. we had coffee at taralluchi when you came here to visit a few years back. you’re an inspiration! my parents are having some serious health issues, and your writing really helps my see things in a different light. thanks!!

  2. I’m a friend of Tara’s too. I love your blog and find myself looking forward to each new post. Keep up the good work! And thanks for your honest insights!


  3. Dear Aunt June:

    Enjoyed having lunch with you the other day. Enjoy reading your blogs too. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving dinner with Rick Sunday and a great Thanksgiving with all you family on Thanksgiving Day. Hope one of us wins the flat screen TV Friday.


  4. Sue,
    Thank you for reading my blog. When you are dealing with parents who are beginning to experience life-altering moments it is a challenge to know if you are doing what is best for them during these times.

    Remember, kind words show our love but a hug says it even better.

    Better still – in all ways possible, letting them know they still have value
    and you are still cherishing their guidance is important. It is not easy for children to have the care of elderly parents in their hands at its best. We can be crotchety, and gripey at times, but understand, we can’t walk as good as we used to, nor remember things like we used to, see, hear or comprehend like we used to…

    However we probably had to make allowances for our children as they spread their wings and took flight. I hope your mom and dad are slow to lose their independence, but your concern tells me you will know the answers when you need them.

    Take care Sue, and I certainly do remember sharing that little table by the window with you and Tara.

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I see my home here in a different light now that I have seen some of it through your eyes. So much to see. I especially enjoyed the stories about the three ladies. I also loved the story about the apron. I’m looking forward to having many lunches with you.

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