Words From the Lodge

Oxmoor that is…

Well, my friends, I have settled in at the Oxmoor Retirement Lodge and life is interesting, relaxing, and so wonderfully easy. Just about everything except breathing is provided for you. Cleaning, linens, meals, bus service to drug stores, grocery, dollar stores, Macy’s, doctors and on and on and five or six planned activities a day. The beauty of it all is you can take part in all of it or none of it. Cross stitching is still my favorite pastime, however I do go to exercise class, I have played Wii bowling – and I was awful – I worked on the community jig saw puzzle and I met a lot of nice people and a few I would like to lighten up a bit.

A dear friend, who is in a like place in a different city described it as a duel between the walkers and canes. She is right on target. Going to the dining room three times a day can be hazardous to your health. Cane walkers are pretty courteous, but the walker crowd takes no prisoners. You cross in front of them at your own risk! They all have a basket of some sort on the front of their walker to take fruit and muffins back to their room. Some baskets are quite full and look as if the collection of “stuff” has been with them for a while. I guess this all could sound pretty grim and depressing but it is not – it is pretty darn entertaining. The ratio of men to women is about 15 women to 1 man. Don’t get excited as the average age of both groups is about 78-85 and there’s not a foot warmer in the crowd – at this age everyone is always cold, with sweaters on when it is 75 degrees.

Just before I became a “latch key” lodger, they had a wedding of two lodgers. I understand they were the conversation of the place for weeks before and I have been told the tones of the conversations were not very nice. Of course she chased him until he gave in after she convinced him two really can live as cheaply as one in a retirement lodge…

As time goes by I shall introduce you to some of my fellow lodgers: the three ladies of the couch, a candidate for stone mountain I call Smiley, and Don’t touch me Delores.

It’s a smile a minute, a laugh an hour and a lot of people who just need a kind word, a nod or a smile. Later….


3 thoughts on “Words From the Lodge

  1. I used to work in a lodge such as this. One might think it an odd place for a teenager, but I couldn’t have loved it more. Endlessly entertaining. I’m glad you can be entertained by the characters as well!

  2. Dawn,
    Thanks for reading and commenting about my blog.
    Since you have first hand information working in a like situation
    I am sure you would agree each resident has a story that could be told.
    I have always felt that observing the human experiences of others give us a truer understanding of ourselves.
    Thanks again. June

    Trixie gets more beautiful in each photo. She even made Godzilla pretty!

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