New Digs

In my last blog I wrote about my decision to go live in a retirement lodge. Moving day was October 1st, and I anxiously awaited the movers. They came and went and I left my darling little Condo in the middle of the city on Main Street, the very busiest street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

I knew I was trading the hustle and bustle for the serenity of the burbs in a tree-lined and floral picturesque setting where it is so quiet that even the birds sing softly and the crickets do whatever crickets do with restrained gusto. I thrived on the city pulse and I shall thrive on the quiet and calm of my new home.

This blog is to reassure you that a retirement home, lodge or center should not be faced with anxiety or concern. No one can make it wonderful nor can anyone make it dreadful. You will either embrace it or find fault with it, just as you have lived your life to this point. If you have lived your life to this point with gladness in your heart, compassion in your soul and love for life you will continue to do the same and you will be happy. If, on the other hand, you lived your life as if you were always dealt your cards from the bottom of the deck, I don’t think a new deck will change the results.

So if you are trying to make a decision to change, to be bold, you may, as I have, find the world of retirement is wonderful – many new interesting friends and activities await you. Don’t waste your years wondering, live them in wonderment, and enjoy.


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