I’m the Decider!

We make many decisions in our life time. I have made many in my 85 years. Some were good and some not so good but I learned to live with each one and learned from all of them. I have now made one of the most important ones to date.

I have decided it is time to forget about trying to be a strong wonder woman and, instead, take life a little easier. I am going to live in a retirement lodge. I am ready to go to the dining room three times a day and have my meals, then get up and walk away from the dishes. To have my studio cleaned each week and fresh linens brought to me. To be where there are activities of every kind each day and transportation, if I need it.

Life in general has been good to me. My general health is not bad; my mind is still functional and my sight good enough to do my cross stitching for four or five charities each year. My computer skills could be greatly improved but they keep me on top of what I want to know. My down sides are my lessened stamina, endurance, and mobility.

So I am not “wonder woman” anymore. Get over it!

I have three wonderful children and I am sure they have had more than one conversation about mom’s declining health issues. My son Rick has been my chauffeur, cook, errand runner and much, much more, my daughter Donna takes charge of my doctor visits and keeps me in good stead with my appointments and any other trips I need to make, and my youngest, Tara, who lives in New York, is a research person at Columbia University and finds an answer to anything I need to know. She also insisted I start this blog to keep me engaged in writing and sharing thoughts with others. She is my mental stimulus.

We seniors should try not to put the burden on our family of deciding “What we going to do about mom?” It is a very emotional decision to have to make. I decided I would make this decision myself, for my self. The importance of this is not about going into the retirement lodge, the important thing is I did it while it was my call to make.

I am looking forward to new and exciting years ahead. I am the only one who can keep that happening. I am the only one who can keep that from happening.


3 thoughts on “I’m the Decider!

  1. You are a woman wiser than your years. Well wishes for you & your new living arrangement. Your children have much to be proud of.

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