Remembering a Friend

Life is an ever changing rainbow of events. Some colors enhance the beauty of the rainbow and some hues just seem to be there because, like life, something has to fill the void between the beginning and the end. A rainbow without each span colored would a strange rainbow be. It is well nigh impossible to determine where a rainbow starts and where it ends. It seems to rise from the earth, at some point and go back into the earth in another place. Its true beginning and end is very elusive. It is not something that bothers us for we are just transfixed by its beauty, not by its origin and destination.

Life, from birth to death is like the rainbow. Some parts of life give us great joy and some give us the wrinkles in our brow and the gray hairs on our head. The great joys are the moments of fun and excitement, while the wrinkles and gray hairs are necessary to make us strong and build our character. It is the nature of the beast to want a great deal more of the fun and excitement and less of the wrinkles and gray hair.

Today I shared both joy and grief with some of my closest friends. We gathered to say goodbye to a wonderful, kind and special man. A man who truly “lit up the room” when he entered and made each of us feel we were so special. Ken has completed his journey on this side of the rainbow and I am sure the colors will be more brilliant in the next rainbow, for he shall be enhancing each color by his mere presence.

May we remember, “Each day is a gift, to be opened with a gentle touch”


2 thoughts on “Remembering a Friend

  1. June what a lovely gift. I know Ken would love it too. Looking forword to seeing you on Friday. Love and hugs.

  2. June, you have such a way with words and am in awe of this most appropiate tribute to our friend Ken. Beautiful. Love, Iris

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