The Episcopal Church-A Beacon of Love and Acceptance

I have been absent from the Blog society for a short time, waiting for an event that would force my hands back to the keyboard. Such an event has happened and sooo, I am back.

The event of which I speak? The Episcopal Bishops, in their annual meeting, voted to expand and open the door to ordaining more openly gay candidates and to give their support for clergy to bless the union of same sex marriage. The vote was 104 for and 30 against. It makes me wonder about those who just knew God in all his wisdom would send snakes to wrap around our feet and just knew the pitchforks from hell would come flying toward us spewing fire when Gene Robinson, an openly gay priest (and born in Kentucky to boot), was ordained a bishop. Could they have misread God’s message of love and acceptance? You think?

I have been an Episcopalian for 85 years. When Gene Robinson was ordained a Bishop, I called my rector and told him it was one of the proudest days of my church life. Today I am once again so proud of my church. I would love to live to see the day when we won’t need special votes to recognize the worth of each person or to recognize that to find and share love is the ultimate blessing we can be given.

Try to cleanse your mind of intolerance and your heart of hatred and replace them with knowledge and love – it will bring you serenity and I promise neither a snake or flaming pitchfork will appear.


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