It’s better than…?

This blog was inevitable, I just put off writing it because I could see no redeeming factor in doing so. However my editor in family, Tara, insisted it could have some value to me or someone. The subject is a downer but I will try to lighten it up.

Just recently I had an episode that was, for a minute or so, frightening, but predictable. Some thirty years ago I had a major stroke, so when I was having difficulty counting stitches on my crossstitch piece I was working on, then feeling unsteady on my feet, unable to remember the sequence of my sons telephone number, I said to myself, go lay down, if you fall in the floor it might be messy for the kids to find you bloodied up! About that time my doctor in family, Donna, called and immediately knew I could not speak and called my caretaker in house, Rick, who bounded up from the second floor to me on the third floor, and within minutes I was on the way to the hospital. Confirmed, minor stroke or hypoglycemia, minor heart problem. I survived several days in the hospital, battling a heavy heart monitor that kept pulling the dang hospital gown down with it and, of course, exposing my tush and everything else that headed south years ago. Not a pretty sight.

Finally, released from the world of needles, two and four o’clock wake ups to take blood pressure or more blood that probably did not leave the nurse’s station until well after 8:00 or nine, I arrived back home. Bottom line-I added a new prescription, dropped another one, and decided to make some necessary changes that are needed.

I shall try to quit obsessing about things I have no control over, make future plans, but know that I can only list them as my agenda for the future, understanding all items are subject to a vote, and eat a healthier diet, which I can control. So my elderly bloggers, these things happen as we leave the healthier years and move into the years of discontent over episodes of aches, pains and the unpredictable. It’s life, suck it up. It’s better than…..?

So my friends, take life with a few more “ho hums” and less “ugh damms”. The economy will improve, Bernie Madoff will rue the day he decided on a Ponzi scheme, winning Basketball will return to Lexington, Kentucky and the moose in Alaska will find a way to get even with Annie Oakley Palin. Maybe she will find buck shot in her moose stew! Cheers!


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