Casting Stones

Good morning, all you moralistic lunatics, you have some meaty fat to chew on and rant about. Michael Phelps snapped in a photo with a la la pipe, and Barack’s half brother George arrested with an unknown substance, another form of la la land, in his posession (And now I have just heard those charges have been dropped.)

Don’t you all feel good – you have a couple of issues to cackle about. What part of your purist life is this going to destroy? Same sex marriage has already destroyed your marriage, right-or is your marriage strong enough to survive…? My point is, be careful who you castrate, your own closet may hold some surprises.

Every family, if the truth be known, has some deep, dark characters packed away. I come from a pretty darn blemish free , churchgoing, high moralistic family and I freely admit that we have a closet with some questionables packed away. I am sure Uncle Dave Key had second thoughts, for a minute or two, after he shot that railroad strike breaker. But… “what the hell it was he or me and I was a railroad detective, my badge protected me.”

Also sweet Aunt Maude was the madam of a brothel that serviced railroaders passing through town. Her reputation was so tainted her nephew and niece would not take her generous gift of money to help buy their first house. However that same nephew never saw a person of color who he thought was worth anything.

We also had Uncle Everett, a respected postal worker who delivered illegal moonshine in western Kentucky along with his legitimate mail. His regular customers included a Baptist minister and a judge, both who spoke in his behalf at his trial and saved his neck. After all, they were protecting their source of thirst quencher. Oh my, how easy it is for those of us who are perfect to pick and choose our moral issues .

If you wonder, what is my point in this blog, it is this: look in your own closet before you point fingers. I have boarded up my family closet of characters. Nailed two by fours across the door, stuffed Rush Limbaugh bull s— in the key hole to make sure those pillars of society never get out. I surely don’t want to tarnish my reputation, but then again it might be fun to listen to their stories- I bet their life was more exciting then mine and I’ve kicked it up pretty good in my 84 years. I might even be qualified to join them. You might be too!


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