At What Cost?

The horrific news of the last few days in India and New York connected in my mind in a way almost too similar to comprehend. I wonder if the two connected for anyone else as they did for me…

I am sure sitting in a restaurant, a synagogue or a hotel room and seeing determined humans storming through the doors in your direction with only one goal – to do you harm – must be terrifying.

To be on the inside of a department store and see several thousand humans determined to be the first to get through doors that, at most, could only accommodate seven to ten bodies at one time must be terrifying.

Death waited beyond all those doors. I don’t mean to equate terrorists to Christmas shoppers but the same result happened. Death.

You may say there is a big difference between a terrorist attack and shoppers literally fighting to be the first to get a bargain at an advertised sale. You might say there is a big difference between the numbers of deaths each act caused. That may be true, except the slain citizens in Mumbai are no more or less dead than the young clerk who was trying to protect a pregnant lady in that department store. One family will grieve just as much as another.

One’s loss is no greater than the other.

I do understand the difference. The terrorists were out to do bodily harm, spurred on by a hatred or mistrust of countries, religious sects or governing entities. The department store death (a miracle there was only one) was caused by mob misbehavior, a me-first attitude at all costs, and a greed factor that invades bargain hunters at this time of the year – and we forget the significance of the season. Was that electronic gadget, that flat screen TV, that one of a kind toy worth that young man’s life or was it just as useless as the deaths in Mumbai?

All but one of the terrorists are dead. Will the winner of the mad rush to get to the department store bargain first enjoy the rewards of their conquest? Will anyone, the first through that door or the last, stop to think about how much of a bargain they really got in their mad dash to be the “first to grab the prize”?


3 thoughts on “At What Cost?

  1. I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog today. I have been grieving over this horrible event from Black Friday and while trying to make some sense of it by reading the news, I see that two shoppers were shot to death in a Toys R Us in California on the same day! I was taught that you can’t make sense out of nonsense. So, i wonder, how can people be so thoughtless or self-centered that they don’t have even a moment to think through their actions? I read today that Walmart is responsible because they didn’t have enough security. I am sorry, but I don’t think grown, civilized people should have to be monitored like a bunch of crazed animals. If this were a situation in which people were starving and only a few crusts of bread were going to be available, I would understand the hysteria. But these people were just greedy, unruly and thoughtless consumers who thought nothing of pushing past those who had been waiting in an orderly fashion to buy what? Christmas presents? God forgive us for becoming such an idolistic society that this kind of heinous crime was committed under the pretense of buying presents to celebrate a Holy day. How utterly shameful.

    I keep wondering if those who actually broke down the door and ran over other human beings are thinking about what they have done or if they assume they were not to blame? I wonder if they can enjoy using TVs and toys they bought at such a sacrifice.

    Thank you so much for bringing sanity to my mind today. God bless you.

  2. Thank you, Pam Young, for replying to my blog.
    It amazes me to see the lack of regard that many have for human life unless it is their own. And when the moment comes when they are in need, they must have everyone’s else’s skills, care, empathy and undivided attention available. There are still things, like how people can be so self-centered and thoughtless, that stir up my inner self – even at the age of 84 . You take care and thanks again.

  3. June; You do some heavy thinking with great insight into the human mind and spirit. I am impressed with your subjects for the day or for the season and will look forward to reading your future blog comments.
    Keep it coming, Iris

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