Well done my son

I needed twenty-four hours to respond to the awakening of a great part of our country. It was too emotional for me to act quickly. That I and others in my age bracket should live long enough to see this actually happen was truly beautiful. This year, this month, this day, this minute will be noted in history around the world as the exact moment the United States made so many wrongs – right. God bless Barack Obama, keep him safe. We need him to guide us and renew our faith and hope in this great country.

To all those who supported him, I would love to wrap my arms around you and give you a big hug. To those of you that did not support him because you truly thought John McCain was the better candidate, I respect your decision. To those of you that know deep down you did not vote for Barack because he was black, I pity you – for that form of hate will only consume you and render you a part of the problem of racism, and not a part of the solution. But even you cannot tarnish this glorious happening and in four years when I am 88, I can say well done my son, well done.


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