Buy that lettuce and those tomatoes!

I received an e-mail that I am sure is circulating around the country because it had strong political overtones.  It is far too long to include the piece here.  It is about the feelings of a teacher in a school in California.

The entire e-mail was a tirade on what immigrants (especially those ungrateful tomato and lettuce pickers) and the poor are costing the rest of us.  She cited free school lunch, rent subsidies, free medical benifits, and on and on.  I have never read a most spiteful, angry, opinionated, piece in my life.  She would not teach a child of mine because that goes against everything I tried to teach my children.  She does not belong in a classroom.  She should change professions, maybe join the border patrol, get an AK47 and take them out before they reach our side of the border. If she attends church the message of love, respect and “we are our brother’s keepers,” is not reaching her.

I am a descendant of immigrants just as I am sure many of you are – and that probably includes the teacher in California.  My grandfather was of German descent having been born in Austria, and my grandmother was of English descent.  When they arrived by steamer in New York, they were given medical care, food coupons and housing coupons to stay at a local church refugee holding place.  While there, they were given free counsel as to where they wanted to relocate in the United States.  After scanning the cities that were extending open arms to immigrants, they chose Louisville, KY.

In a few years , with the help of the Episcopal Church and the city of Louisville, they were provided all necessary help to get established as Louisvillians.  My grandfather or grandmother never forgot the helping hands of New York City  and Louisville, Kentucky.  Boat after boat arrived the same way with immigrants  with the same need: a helping hand.

Our country was built to be great by the immigrants who came to our shores and migrated to the cities and towns across our land.  I am proud to be the granddaughter of two of those immigrants.
When we lose our compassion for those less fortunate then ourselves we become a self-serving population.

Hate is the most costly commodity a country can have. Thank goodness we still have the right to buy those tomatoes and heads of lettuce!


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