When, oh, When will we truly believe in Brother and Sisterhood?

I was going to bed without writing in my blog tonight. The election coverage today was enough to sicken any American who truly loves their country. I just wanted to cover my head and forget that we still have, after so much time, many stupid, ignorant, citizens who call themselves patriotic, true Americans and God-fearing.  The mud slinging and out and out lies coming from the McCain headquarters and being echoed by their candidates are an insult to intelligent voters.

Barack Obama’s most impressive attribute is his calm, upbeat attitude.  His mother and grandparents did a wonderful job of teaching him to never get down in the gutter with dirt or all you will get out of it is dirt.

The sad part of all this is that most of these spineless biggots cannot even be honest about why they won’t vote for Obama.  They use all the two-bit lines like “inexperienced”, “lack of foreign country knowledge”, “wants to talk to our enemies first and shoot only if all else fails” – unlike the other bunch.  Have guts enough to come out with it and be honest, the reason is “he’s black.”

Now I said it for you. Quit hiding behind your “I’m not prejudiced crap.” We all know you for what you are.

Now I can go to sleep!  Good night!


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