The Face of Politics-Hope or Hostility

Watching politics from 8am to midnight every day can put you on overload.. however I don’t dare miss a day.  Waiting for the debate, I have some strong reactions to the last week’s events.

First, I wish people of my generation would move out of the way and let the younger generations take over.  We have had our time, we are nearing our golden sunset.  The future belongs to the young.  We had our chance, we did some good things and we had our screw-ups. Never has the future needed the young minds more, their beautiful acceptance and tolerance for each other and their passion for the environment.  They are going to do a better job of that then we did.

Also, when a candidate for president will allow remarks like, kill him, off with his head and other evil words, and does not reprimand the shouter, he is condoning the words.  In my eighty some years I have never heard such venom spewed by so called good Americans.  I still have a vision and I still cherish hope for an America that will call each other brother or sister regardless of skin color, religious belief, whatever your choice of dress, or the language spoken. We don’t know how we will be judged on our day of judgment -will it be the good works we did or that which we did not do?


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