back at ya

Tonight I want to reply to Kate who responded to my original blog. Kate, when I read your words about your mom it really struck a responsive chord.  I loved it!  Have you told your mom how you feel about her ability to still be interested in and so able to process what she hears?  If you haven’t, please do. A  compliment from a child to their parent on their ability to be so in tune with life and events around them, it is not only a compliment but most important, you validate them as someone who still has much to give.

And now for Rick in Chicago, who also responded to my early blog.  You wrote it helped you to better understand where Tara comes from. Thanks for the compliment, she is just as I had always hoped she would be. Tara has never lived in gray areas. It is black or white, gray areas denote indecisiveness and that does not equate to Tara. Sometimes the sharp edges come out, which means she is using them to cut through the BS.  Thanks Rick,


One thought on “back at ya

  1. Dear June,
    My folks (living in Pittsburgh, PA.) are what may be termed your “contemporaries” and are as fed up with the state of the union as most intelligent people are across this country. I saw them this weekend and turned them on to your blog and we all applaud and wish you luck on your new venture.
    Here is another interesting site that I think you will enjoy. It features two woman, who like yourself, can reflect on a rich history of social and political experience and AREN’T AFRAID TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

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