a good day

What a gorgeous day this Columbus day was here in Louisville, Kentucky. Enjoyed walking in and out of stores, managed to get my clothes on without feeling like something was twisted or in the wrong slot, which it often does. Just a great day!

Then I could not let well enough alone, I turned the radio on. Some old geezer was spouting off about the fact that Christopher Columbus never discovered anything especially America. I wanted to slap his face- bottom line is, he is one of my heroes from grade school. Why is it some people delight in tearing down our heroes? Is it for self gratification, or the joy of building someone up, only to delight in tearing them down. Enough of that. Call up a friend, just to wish them well and you will sleep a little more peaceful tonight. Cheers


One thought on “a good day

  1. I agree that Columbus was important, but did enjoy putting up a picture of four Native Americans on my office door, with a sign that said, “Original Homeland Security, established 1492”

    Hope all is well in Luvul! We miss having Mom there, but are glad she’s busy and happy.


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