Listen Up!

I’m a new Blogger.  My name is June C. Key, I’m 83 years young and determined to live to at least 90-100, just to aggravate those who think I should give up and cash in my chips.

Of course, if Washington keeps screwing around with my chips I won’t have enough to pay my way into the big Disneyland in the sky OR Dante’s hot spot.



3 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Hi, June, I love it! I need to go to bed so that I can be up at 5 (or maybe 5:15) so I can be at school actually teaching a class at 8 am. Love, Claudia

  2. June,

    My mom is 78 and is as strongly opinionated on politics as ever. She knows more about what’s going on than most other people I meet (and she’s usually right!).

    Glad to see you starting this blog.


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